Zefside Zol

  1. Took down my photo wall after 3 years. 
  2. Free t-shirt with a bottle of tequila!
  3. Printed instagrams on little polaroidy things
  4. Germany v Italy on the projector at Jacqueline’s
  5. Delicious Limoncello Lemonade at Grand Lux
  6. Making my summer minibook!
  7. :)
  8. Making bracelets at the shop with new beads
  9. Impossibly difficult to open jar. Finally managed to get to the amazing salsa in it. 

Instagram roundup #5

  1. OTM work day #1. Feat of strength challenge: pushups with Kaitlyn standing on your back. 
  2. Midori sours at Fox & Hound, yummyyy. 
  3. Snuck a creeper pic while on break. 
  4. Poonam and I were getting lunch when this little guy came close looking for food. And by close, I mean maybe within 2-3 inches of me.
  5. Me and Jonathan at Fox & Hound! We got bored of watching darts lol. 
  6. My new Sperrys. Still getting used to them. :( 
  7. Chelsea! 
  8. Having lunch break at the upstairs of Central Market with OTMs.
  9. BB and me getting ready for day 1 of orientation.
  10. Everyone chanting “nipple” while Poonam and others were popping balloons.. that poor girl lol. 

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Instagram roundup #4

  1. This is what happens when you lend out your mini fridge for the summer. In that fridge there is (not limited to): two bottles of wine, baby Dr. Peppers, Sophia Coppola mini champagnes in a can, butterscotch schnapps, a fuckton of tequila, gin, vodka, mike’s hard, smirnoff ice, bud light, miller high life, triple sec. And more things on top of the fridge. 
  2. Moving out/moving back home SUUUUUCKS
  3. Brownies + tea time! Most relaxing moment of that entire day of moving out 
  4. We found Flower completely passed out on my futon. She puts true meaning to the phrase “dog tired” -_-
  5. I found Jeremiah Weed at my local Kroger, after being super disappointed and not finding it anywhere else for awhile
  6. Our house is like a hotspot for little lizards and geckos all summer. Second big one I’ve seen since Sunday. 
  7. Made Texas Gold Bars! Not as good as my high school Latin teacher’s though…

Instagram roundup #3

  1. My plants are growing so big! They started off as little seedlings and now the basil is getting really tall :D
  2. Panera for lunch before work times!
  3. Corals are so great. 
  4. Drunky drunk Abdallah and Tim creepin’. 
  5. Fox & Hound, oh yeahhhh. Getting them Snakebites. 
  6. We’re kind of the best. Also Sarosh is being the most adorbz in this photo. 
  7. I broke my key. And by broke I mean.. I completely twisted the bottom part off. Elise says: “It looks like he liked it.” 
  8. Muh gurlz at Square Burger. <3
  9. My fucking amazing High Society Burger. 
  10. People watching by myself on the Square in downtown McKinney. People were setting up for the bike race and I sat outside Paciugo drinking an espresso shake. Which is amazing, just for future reference. 

Instagram roundup

  1. A collection of beers that look crazy and interesting. The grapefruit beer wasn’t so great but Tim liked it a lot. Stella is my favorite. Have yet to try the others but I’m curious about the UFO Hefeweizen. 
  2. Mother’s Day dinner. 
  3. My made-from-scratch pitcher of mojitos. So yummy. The mint came from my mom’s garden :) 
  4. Jacqueline and me getting our whoosh on at Nautica in fantastically fashionable jackets. 
  5. King Noodle. Yum. 
  6. New dress I found at Target for $12.50. Such a steal. 
  7. Sofia Coppola effervescent wine in a can with a cute straw. Bubbly!
  8. Poolside in my new bandeau top that matched my sunnies. I’m so dark now lol.